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Chief Executive Officer

Working at Plasman Group

Message From the CEO

"Over the course of my last 14 years with Plasman Group our focus has been to grow with as many customers, on as many platforms and with as many products as possible. This focus has allowed our footprint to expand globally while remaining true to who we are and our strength of continuing to function like a lean, nimble operation."

- David Wiskel

President, North America
Tim Berezowski Headshot
Chief Financial Officer
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President, Europe
Niklas Berntsson

Vice President, Global Sales
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Vice President of Sales, Europe
Stefan Janols Headshot
Vice President, Human Resources, North America
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Vice President, Operations, Europe
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Vice President, Engineering, Europe
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Vice President, Finance, Europe
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Vice President, Tooling, North America
Tony Romanello Headshot
Vice President, Human Resources, Europe
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