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Plasman Group represents more than just a collection of companies. It’s about thousands of people working together to push the boundaries of our industry. From painting and plating to assembly and molding, we don’t just accept the status quo, we create the future. While our footprint spans the continent, our strength comes in functioning like a small, nimble operation. Plasman Group has the capacity to handle whatever comes our way, but our mindset is one of personal commitment and attention to detail. In working with us, you’ll quickly discover a big difference. We offer the personal touch with a global reach.

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A.P. Plasman is an established leader in the automotive components sector. Our facilities provide design, molding, assembly and painting services. VISIT A.P. PLASMAN.

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Build-A-Mold offers a variety of services from design to tooling, but what really sets us apart is our attention to accuracy. We are unique in our capability to offer precise “Part to Print”. VISIT BUILD-A-MOLD.

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Thermotech has multiple facilities dedicated to the same goal – providing specialized service to every facet of your project. We can help at any step of the process from design to assembly. VISIT THERMOTECH.

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A-Brite Plating delivers premier plating on plastics solutions for a variety of applications. Our expertise extends throughout the process to handle initial concepts all the way to finishing. VISIT A-BRITE PLATING.

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Plastal is a full-service automotive thermoplastics leader with locations across Europe. Our facilities offer injection moulding, painting, assembly and logistics. VISIT PLASTAL.


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Being an employer of choice means offering more than just a fair salary and benefits. At the Plasman Group of Companies, our team members know it means so much more. We believe it’s only fair that if a company expects big things from their workers, they should expect big things from us.

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