Machine Operator II FULL-TIME
LOCATION: Hopkins Plant, Hopkins, MN, USA
DATE POSTED: January 4, 2019
DIVISION: Thermotech
CATEGORY: Operations and Trades

Don't get stuck in neutral, rev up your career with Plasman Group. Do you have what it takes to impact major global auto manufacturers? For the Plasman Group and our 2800+ team members, it's all in a day's work. We operate 16 highly automated manufacturing sites and dedicated engineering and sales locations across North America. Located in the USA and Mexico, Thermotech, an industry-leading division of Plasman Group, has been at the forefront of plastics molding since 1949. Our team members don't just shape plastic, they shape the industry. In joining Thermotech, you'll find yourself at the heart of a dynamic, results-driven company. Shaping excellence in everything we do, from research to design, planning to assembly, we tackle new challenges and face them together. So what's shaping your career? If you're ready to join a pioneer in the industry that's always looking to the future, Thermotech wants to hear from you. We are presently looking for a new member to join our Thermotech Plant team as: Machine Operator II  

The Role

Our ideal candidate is a self-motivated team player with good communication skills and would be responsible for, but not limited to, the following: Operate one or more plastic molding machines running on manual, semi-automatic, or automatic cycle. Able to perform roving inspection checks. Maintains production expectancies and produces parts consistent with customer. Ensure adherence to defined quality standards and Thermotech’s documented processes. Provides training to new hires. Future duties will encompass training to include machine restarts, among other trainings.   The work performed below is expected from a Machine Operator I and continues in the Machine Operator II position:

  • Perform inspection scope checks in all production cells.
  • Alert Warehouse Control Clerk and Set-up personnel of requirements for production.
  • Assist Set-up personnel with line clearance.
  • Alert qualified personnel if discrepancies are found or revisions are required in Operations Manuals related to the Machine Operator II or I sections.
  • Provide new hire training.Additional abilities listed below:
  • Molding Machine Components
  • Molding Machine Controllers and Settings
  • Tend or operate one or more plastic molding machines running manual, semi-automatic; or automatic cycle. When tending automatic cycle machines, multiple machine coverage will be required if time permits. As required remove and grind runners and sprues.
  • Operate lugging machines at the molding machine or a designated area. Load machines with reels containing inserts, load fixtures with molded parts, manually activate lugging action, remove lugs from fixture, and correct simple jams.
  • Using machines, jigs, fixtures, gauges, or hand tools, perform a variety of operations on molded or purchased parts such as removing flash, runners, gates, buffing, burring, drilling, and tapping, filling, gluing, finishing, sanding, machining, gauging, etc.
  • Visually inspect and sort all parts to a predetermined quality level for such flaws as short shots, burns, contaminates, visual and dimensional defects. Gauge parts using gauges and simple inspection devices. Performs operator inspections per control plan. Provide production parts to quality personnel for inspection purposes.
  • Assemble and/or finish parts by hand or using various jigs, fixtures, machines, tampo printer, etc.
  • Make-up shipping containers and prepare for shipping. Layer pack or weigh containers to ensure accurate part count per customer requirements. Move finished goods to staying area.
  • Properly complete all required paperwork and electronic data entry of information pertaining to assignments.
  • Maintain work area in an orderly manner and to be free from debris, parts, runners and items not required to perform job, moving and stacking filled cartons, material drums, and unused auxiliary/peripheral equipment to storage area, clean and degrease machines and equipment as assigned. May empty trash.
  • Participate in 5S practices and if certified, may perform mold PM’s.
  • Report all machine, equipment, production or processing problems to the supervisor or qualified personnel.
  • Maintain P-data sheets and process documentation as assigned to comply with SPC and defined quality requirements.
  • Maintain production expectancies and produces parts consistent with customer and internal requirements.
  • Actively assist in training others as assigned.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


High school graduate or GED. Minimum of six months injection molding experience. Complete all training, as required, for any and all responsibilities expected of a Machine Operator II.


Requires the ability to read, write and effectively communicate in English. Requires the ability to carry out simple instructions, use of basic hand tools and fixed gauges. Perform repetitive operations involving the visual inspection of parts, visual defect interpretation.