Employee working in plant

We Recognize

There’s a world of opportunity at Plasman Group. With divisions spanning the globe, we pride ourselves on having the personal touch with a global reach. We expect dedication and innovation, and we consistently recognize achievement. Seeing the potential in our team members means talent stays in the company and can become valuable members of the management team. It’s also critical to nurture that talent through team member-driven reviews and training.

We Care

Worker safety and environmental impact are so important; we go beyond our walls to set new standards. We do this because it means our team members will be safe and so will our communities. Plasman Group team members sit on community safety councils/boards to steer policy. The Plasman Group recognizes the direct link between environmental performance and continuous improvement. Our ongoing performance related to our significant aspects clearly demonstrates waste diversion from landfill, sustained regulatory compliance, energy reduction initiatives and a focus on spills reduction. EHS Policy Statement Group

Our performance will continue to be monitored on a site basis and available for review upon request to the corporate EHS representative.

We Give

Plasman Group companies are more than just places to work; they are members of the community. Our teams take great pride in making a difference in our neighbouring areas. Whether it’s testing the environmental impact of what we do or supporting children’s charities, Plasman Group cares about the people around us.

Employees working together

We Listen

Communication is important when it is given and even more importantly when it is received. At Plasman Group, we have dedicated avenues to understanding our team member’s visions, thoughts, concerns and creations. Contributions can come from all levels of a project, so it’s important to give everyone a voice. Teamwork means you actually work together and that’s how we approach every project.